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    Beijing Pu Yang Educational Consulting Co., Ltd English name is Academic Preparatory Consulting Co., Ltd. APCis the first company in China mainland which through melting the advantages of education system in East and West provides the comprehensive consulting service and career planning and overseas studies in global extent. APCs consulting team is consist of international education specialties, career planning specialties, psychologists and overseas studies consultants and the founders focus on the notion that to fish is better than to offer fish. By exploring the potential advantages in young students, APC encourages them to improve their

    overall strengths actively and enthusiastically, to probe many possibilities and find what they really want to do. And our team with many specialties in different fields will assist our clients to accomplish the overseas studies, career planning so that they will enrich their knowledge efficiently and which will eventually fulfill their exploration of life.

    APCs superiority lies in its understanding of education. We are good at provide first-class consulting, background promoting, English Training and oversea life assisting. Not only helping our clients being admitted into dream schools in the world, APC pays more attention to guiding them to perfect their career planning and fulfill individual life.

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